Islamic Hajj Insurance

Insurance currently occupies an important position in running the economy of Indonesia. Insurance began to benefit the community because the primary function of insurance is basically to provide protection to the customer or the insured against the risk that it faces. The public need to get a sense of security offset by increased performance and innovation products from insurance companies to make insurance more popular in Indonesia. Having an insurance policy is now no longer a strange thing.

Insurance industry in the Indonesian market more competitive, so people (potential customers) increasingly selective in choosing an insurance company. In general, people will choose a reputable insurance company and good management quality, security and service quality.

One product / service insurance are widely used in Indonesia is the Hajj Islamic insurance products, because Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim congregation in the world so that the needs of service will be quite a lot of pilgrims. Pilgrim insurance products combine elements of savings and insurance coverage, and intended to run hajj. Shariah insurance company AJB Bumiputera 1912 has a superior product that is allocated Mitra Mabrur insurance for the community that has a plan to perform the pilgrimage. With a positive corporate image in the eyes of society then the quality of products / services should be very good too.

Prospective customers are required to be more careful in choosing insurance, at least - whether or not the prospective customer must understand the process of calculating premiums, policy and administration processes. It indirectly make customers understand how good insurance and can also distinguish between Islamic to conventional insurance.

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